Grand Homes & Renovations proudly maintains excellent relationships with our vendors, affiliates, and partners. Please read what they have to say about us.

I love working with an innovative company that is open minded to my ideas and needs. David and Carrie are fantastic at guiding a design through completion while using their professional skills to assure quality and craftsmanship. They have provided me with the luxury of trust on all projects they have completed for me and my clients.
— Sheila Waller, Client & Interior Designer

I enjoy working with David and Carrie at Grand Homes & Renovations. We handle their flooring concerns for them. There has never been an issue regarding the work we are to do for them or the timely manner in which we are compensated. I meet with them on projects and am consulted by phone, and am always kept aware of when our services are needed.
— Daniel E. Miller, Flooring Gallery