Grand Homes & Renovations approaches each project individually, but understands the need for a flexible process to achieve our customer’s goal.

1) Meeting: We believe meeting our customer in their private home reduces the stress of trying to describe what they like and don’t like. This also gives us a chance to see the Remodel or begin to picture your new home.

2) Deadlines: Often customers are in a hurry to get something done. Knowing your schedule and the timeline for your project upfront can be helpful in getting everything ready for you. We are very honest with customers in letting them know if a certain date is attainable.

3) Pricing: Our customers appreciate being able to see the prices upfront. We present prices per project or as a total separating electrical, flooring etc. We know how important it is to see the price of the things you are purchasing.

4) Change Orders: We do not charge an extra fee for change orders. We believe customers are entitled to change parts of their projects without being penalized.

5) Sub-contractors: Our sub-contractors are very professional and well trained. All sub-contractor’s are insured and are often long time associates of Grand Homes.

6) Cleanliness and Compliance: We know that cleanliness is extremely important on jobs. We will strive to make every job clean and ensure strict compliance with all applicable safety precautions.

7) Communication: Good communication is key to getting a project done right. We understand you are busy and may not always have unlimited time. Grand Homes will work with you to develop a scope of work and a schedule that works for you. We give each of our customers our contact numbers (including night and weekend numbers) so we can be reached at any time.

8) On the Job: We are on the job! If we are not personally working on your job, we will be there to make sure all work is being done right. We know how important it is to have the contractor aware of what is happening. Our subcontractors are accountable to our high standards of quality and your satisfaction is paramount.

9) Decisions: We know that the decisions you make on products not only affect your pocket book but also the timeline. We will give you upfront timelines with decisions that need to be made in order to stay on task. We know that the decisions that are often made are not quick and easy. We want you to enjoy this process.

10) Finishing & Warranty: To us finishing means being complete. We want our customers to enjoy their new space or home without interruptions from our sub-contractors. We usually have 2-3 walkthroughs with the Homeowner to complete the punch list items. We then have a walk through at 90 days, 6 months if needed and then at the 1 year later to complete the warranty.